4 thoughts on “John Cleese Podcast #34: The Headmaster

  1. Mr. Cleese:

    Having knocked around the internet for some time now I would think a few things after reviewing this website.

    1. I knew that you and your fellows in Python were all highly educated but seeing excerpts from this site have proven to me without a doubt how much so. You are intelligent and insightful and honestly I enjoy your public addresses, classes and seminars now more than your comedy and your comedy has left me breathless for years.

    2. I am also amazed at the willingness of professional entertainers from Britain and their capacity to discuss their methods and business with others. Your website and that of author Michael Moorcock are the only two that I am aware of that even attempt to not only entertain but inform how one would go about working in entertainment arts with aforementioned intellect and insight.

    Bless you both.

    Joel Fry
    Rabid Fan

  2. Hi John,

    A friend mentioned you on Twitter and I thought they were joking. But it turned out the you’re really you! I’m so glad you’re still writing / performing and have taken to the new technology like a fish to Wanda.

    Another rabid and ribald fan,


  3. Just wondering who wrote the Headmaster Sketch. I recall it from a comdedy album from a fellow Boltonian by the name of Bob Williamson in the mid seventies…did you hear it on here?! I doubt it to be honest, thought it is a very funny album nonetheless!!

    Hope you’re all well and all that gubbins…

    Take care,

    Dave Jones,
    Not rabid, more psychotic…

  4. “Invaluable.”
    Tee hee.
    Is it weird that I just want to hug you?
    Is it?
    Well, deal with it.

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