6 thoughts on “A Blatant Audio Advert for Headcast Videos

  1. Good evening, Mr. Cleese
    My name is Elena, and I'm a member of Russian comedy troupe called Dog's Lips.
    At the moment we're filming an epic movie and we're asking different people to say a phrase that doesn't make any sense. It sounds like "Ya kak ko'lodochka" and it means, well, actually it means nothing. "Kolodka" in Russian means a last (the one for the shoes), it also means a stock, a brake shoe, a plane stock (not sure what it means). We've already asked people in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow to say it. Also I'm participating in Moscow International Film Festival as a finalist of the competition program of the short films made with a digital photo camera. The award ceremony is tomorrow, and I'm going to ask famous Russian directors and actors to say that they're "kolodochka".
    But it seems like it's not enough, and we need some foreigners to say the same thing. As we believe you are the best person for this role and think that you must understand the importance of the whole thing, we hope that you might agree to film yourself saying "YA KAK KO'LODOCHKA" – maybe at the end of one of your podcasts. You can say just "KO'LODOCHKA" if it's to difficult to pronounce the whole phrase.To say that we'll be honoured is to say nothing at all, and our English isn't good enough to express how grateful we will be. We're too pour to ask you to do this for money, but still we can also send you some Russian chocolate, I believe it's dreadful, but foreigners tend to like it very much for some reason.
    P.S. Hope your eye is healing well!

  2. hey Mr Jihn Cleese. I justa wanted to tell You which I find important. I am a part time nurse and I was caring for this 14 years old scared girl with leukemia, which was given maximum 3 weeks to live, Last friday I went out, partied and got so drunk that I skipped my shift on saturday night. And this night, she died, alone, at 4 12 am and I wasbt there to hold her hand for which i specifically was hired, and she was really really scared, and she died alone because of my idiotic irresponsibility and taking day off. I really could have wait these 3 WEEKS before i take day off and go get pissed. I failed as a nurse and I failed as human being, and I had REALLY STUPID THOUGHTS IN MY HEAD ALL DAY. I cried and cried and cried and than I called my father to pour my heart out, and he did what he thought the best in this situation, since he cannot come and see me because i live in australia and he lives in europe. He rented me "holy grail" on itunes and send to me, and it may just saved my life bcoz i REALLY WAS THINKING STUPID THINGS. But than I watched he scene, when you do a blood bath in the castle, to save the prince from getting married and it was so long ago, u probably not even remember this line but "sorry, sorry, i really just get carried away, im awfully sorry…" … it made me laugh, on the day when i wanted to hurt myself. so theoretically, you saved my life. you are a brilliant artist and thak you so much for doing what you do. my dad let me watch monty python circus since i was 12 (probably not appropriate age for this kind of humour:-)) but i was "raised" on you, and "holy grail and my dad USING YOU ma just saved my life?.. Thank You for Being You.
    You Are a Genius and I Bow To You.

  3. Yes, i´m a John Cleese Podcast fan.

    I make a t shirt whit this.
    Thank you for all. You´re the best (or beast?).

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